Imaginez d’abord des voix à la croisée des chemins entre un Julio Iglesias sous “hard tequila” et un Joe Strummer “shooté” à la harissa ! Imaginez ensuite un genre de Jimmy Page triturant sa guitare façon bouzooki ! Ajoutez à cela un pied gauche et des claps !! Mélangez les langues, anglais, français, arabe, turc, hébreu, espagnol... Enregistrez le tout à l’ancienne, pendant sept jours et vous obtenez une shake-A-shooka sonore:


Construit autour du duo Azri et Gabri, Boogie Balagan est à ses débuts un projet de reprises de Muddy Waters. Mais l’envie d’aller plus loin, de fusionner les langues, de zapper librement du groove moyen oriental à l’énergie brute d’un Robert Johnson, les pousse très vite à développer leur propre musique.

Boogie Balagan, duo autoproclamé “Palestisraëlien“, transmet un message de paix qui surmonte les barrières physiques, culturelles et linguistiques. Le message est contenu dans le titre “Lamentation Walloo” : Walloo veut dire “rien du tout” en arabe et le “Lamentation Wall” c’est le mur des lamentations en Israël.

Et si on arrêtait de se lamenter ? Du côté des textes, Gabri nous parle, d’une enfance marquée par une amitié israélo-palestinienne que l’on considérerait presque inenvisageable aujourd’hui. Comme si de nos jours, il ne restait que la musique à la portée universelle pour lancer des messages d’amour, de rage, de fête et d’espoir.


Barrier-breaking rock’n roll

« Boogie Balagan » blends Middle Eastern vibes with exhilarating rock’n roll to convey their message of peace and break down cultural, linguistic, and physical barriers in the Middle East.
In the autoproclamed “Palestlsraeli” duo “Boogie Balagan”, psychedelic rock’n roll meets cool Middle Eastern vibes. Their first album “Lamentation Walloo” is a message of peace and multiculturalism.
First, imagine voices that combine Julio Iglesias drinking straight tequilas and Joe Strummer high on harissa. Then, imagine a Mediterranean Jimmy Page torturing his electric guitar like a Greek bouzouki.
Sprinkle it all with an infernal beat of pounding feet, and clapping hands and you get something of the ghost of t-rex smoking a water pipe in Gaza or Farid el Atrache jamming with the New York dools…
The Hebrew word “Balagan” means mess, making “Boogie Balagan” a “messy boogie”.
From Sinai to Muddy Waters blooz, Boogie Balagan has invented a musical couscous marinated in 70’s Oriental with electric spices.

Peace through music

Boogie Balagan is above all a duo. Gabri is the lead singer and Azri is playing the zguitar. A story shared between France “Palestlsrael”.
At the early 2002 they decided to devote themselves entirely to Boogie Balagan and what was at first supposed to be a Muddy Waters covers became a unique project to blend the Middle Eastern groove and language with the raw energy of Robert Johnson. A project which shatters walls and barriers so that all can reunite under the flag of universal rock.
Azri and Gabri sing about reunions, reconciliation and human love.
“lamentation walloo” calls for a stop to lamentations and tells the story of an Israeli-Palestinian friendship between children.
The lyrics are sung in English, French, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew…
They are strung together in a creative urban dialect making this rock’n roll recipe a formidable weapon of peace.

Climbing over walls

“We feel that we just have to stop lamenting our fate. We would like to cross walls with music and songs. The aim is to show that by mixing lyrics and languages, as opposed to mixing with each other because we are restrained, the message can be carried out in a cheerful way”.
“We are a bit nostalgic of the time when we were all working together back there and when we would share a watermelon in the break…And the music-wise it was the same, with the Palestinians who worked in Israel, we used to jam all night by kitchens sharing the “hafla”, the party” says Azri…
This “French Palestlsraeli” duo has dared to mix styles, blending sounds from their homelands, an American rhythm and multilingual lyrics. Everything is “roots”: the music, the words; even the “collector cd box” set is a “matzot bread” filled with Palestinian zaatar spice, salt from Dead Sea, with lamentations from Wailing Wall running through it.


    Mon Slip Warner Music 2007


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